Birthday Party Contract

    Please read through the following Release, Copyright, and Policy information. By choosing "I Agree" you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Calico Photography SC, LLC.

    * Model Release: Calico Photography SC, LLC retains the copyright of all original images and reserves the right to use and reproduce them to promote the business including, but not limited to, website images and marking displays. However, all printing rights are released to the client with a release form for the high resolution digital images given to the client (where applicable). From the gallery, the client has full rights to print the images for personal use without Calico Photography SC, LLC's copyright anywhere on the images.

    * Party Fee: Payment is due on the day of the party. Calico Photography SC, LLC accepts checks and cash. Receipts available upon request.

    * Non-Sufficient Funds or bounced check: In the case of a bounced or canceled check, Calico Photography SC, LLC requires full payment along with the amount charged for the returned item.

    * If any major changes occur the day of, please call or text 803-272-8302 ahead of time to let me know.

    * Cancellation: In the case of cancellation, please allow at least a 24 hour notice.

    * Retouching or editing: All images are editing according to your specified requests above or to my creative style. Each image will be delivered in color. Additional fees apply for extreme editing. Please be sure to enquirer prior to event if this is a priority.

    * Within 2-3 weeks after the event, all edited versions of the final images will be released to you via a private, online gallery in high resolution jpeg format for downloading, with reprint permission, and without watermark.

    Please digitally sign below: I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I have read the release, copyright and policy information herein and fully understand the contents. I agree that I have legal authority to grant these permissions and I accept all responsibility for such.

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